About us

A magic land

Llopis Zerari’s philosophy and main purpose is to offer a wide variety of high quality products.

We transform the olives into liquid gold, fruit of a millenary and ancestral land withincomparable qualities, worked for many years generation after generation.

We invite you to live a unique experience.

The surroundings

Welcome to olive oil land, a self-made region with an extreme climate and ideal conditions for growing centenary and millenary olive trees.

Our dynamic is to potentiate the extra-virgin olive oil that comes from one of the most appreciated varieties of olives: the Arbequina. Our olives are harvested in various estates of the Llopis Zerari Family.


Our biggest commitment is to make people know the most traditional products of our land and to offer high-quality olive oil, with numerous properties; the essence.

Our oil is the outcome of many days of endeavor, caress and hard-work. That is why, from Llopis Zerari, we are offering you our treasure: the core of our land.


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